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Fiona is a passionate advocate in helping people unlock and understand their true potential. Described at an early age as a “curious sponge”, this title continues to drive her and her entrepreneurial spirit. Previously recognised as a market leading expert in the Human Experience space, Fiona led teams to design, develop and execute over 150 world-class incentives and events globally over 15 years, before her passion for strengths-based development led her to become a qualified coach in the space.

In her current role as Co-Founder of Humanico, Fiona has been able to leverage all aspects of her career combining her natural strengths in human understanding with experiential journeys, to help foster and facilitate end to end programs enabling clients to truly understand the Human potential within their organisations. She is perpetually intrigued by human behaviour, and believes that every human deserves the opportunity to be heard, understood and invested in.

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