Meet Emma! The founder and owner of The Eco Collab.  Summer-loving, road-tripping, eco enthusiast who is always in search of a new adventure.

The Eco Collab was founded through a passion for sustainable living and after many trips overseas which opened Emma’s eyes to the environmental damage being done across the world. Wanting to leave our planet in a better place so that future generations can continue to explore our world is what drives her to help businesses that are out there making an impact and fighting to do good!

In true HD projector-style, she strongly believes in finding a solid balance between our work and life and it lights her up to help purpose-driven business owners create that balance in their life through outsourcing

The Eco Collab provides Virtual Assistant services to purpose-driven and planet-focused businesses. From the day to day running of businesses, content research, and brand outreach to organising and building systems to help business owners automate processes with Dubsado.

Emma strongly believes in the power of collaboration because, with a collective effort to effect positive change, we can make a bigger impact on the world through our own daily practices, sharing knowledge and encouragement.

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