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Dalia has been providing a coaching environment within the workplace and for clients throughout her career – working with leaders and professionals, as well as creating a growth environment for individuals and teams.

In a world where leaders and managers are actively encouraged to continually race through life, chasing the next target, the next opportunity and the next promotion, there is little time to slow down long enough to assess whether they are still heading in the direction that aligns with their business and personal goals.

Dalia not only understands how coaching can offer a solution to this real and common dilemma, she has over 15 years of experience in the third sector and has personal experience of managing and leading teams through challenges and change, including the recent difficulties that arose as result of the COVID pandemic.

Dalia is an experienced leader who has managed and led customer facing teams within the Housing sector. She brings her knowledge and skills to her coaching, understanding the importance of “holding space” for leaders and professionals who are juggling competing pressures and priorities.

Dalia’s strengths lie in her blend of compassion and challenge, a deep curiosity in what makes people “tick” and a commitment to working with the “whole person”.

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