Business Strategy Coaching Facilitation

Claire has a simple vision: to make innovation leadership accessible and achievable for allcompanies globally. She holds over two decades’ experience in strategic and operational innovation, where her career has spanned high-tech start ups, one of which sold to Red Hat in 2014, Chamber of Commerce, European research commercialisation centres and large corporates.

Claire is currently Director of Launchpad9, a business passionate about helping leaders to move their businesses into a new arena of success and results around innovation. Her fun, no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air for companies looking to understand the reality of their innovation capability today and build an innovation machine for tomorrow. Claire’s expertise comes to life when facilitating,  teaching, and helping people to unpack their thinking to create space for new ideas and new futures.

In her spare time, Claire has a husband and 4 year old boy Dara who keep her busy, along with her horse who she events when she can!

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