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Keynoteworthy is a platform connecting diverse thinkers and speakers with event organisers. We believe representation on stage matters because impact does not end on stage – it’s where it begins.

Quite often, we’re seeing the same old line-up of speakers, that is, celebrities, cheesy motivational speakers and an all-male line-up just to name a few. People need fresh ideas and perspectives. That’s why we go to events and conferences right?

So, to prevent history from repeating itself, Keynoteworthy was created to make it easier to introduce great speakers to the world. We feature authentic speakers – both emerging and experienced who are passionate and ready to challenge your ideas.

If you’re an event organiser needing help to curate your line-up, get in touch to see how we can help. Otherwise, browse our directory of diverse keynote speakers.

Already speaking? List your profile with Keynoteworthy to get in front of event curators.

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