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Annette Densham is an award-winning PR specialist, which sometimes still surprises her because the
only award she’d ever won was the Top Dog Achievement Award in grade 2. Losing her cushy
corporate comms role, she had to reinvent herself, stepping out from behind the keyboard to build
her own PR agency.
Using her print journalism and corporate communications skills, she works with entrepreneurs and
businesses to build Googlicious profiles by sharing their stories across multiple channels, winning
them awards and getting them featured in the media.
Winner of 2019 and 2018 Grand Stevie Award for Women in Business, gold Stevie International
Business Award winner for her work in PR and a finalist in Australian Small Business Champion
awards, Annette audaciously challenges anyone in small business to cast aside modesty, embrace
their genius and share their stories.
Her love of storytelling grew out of the isolation and loneliness of having a gypsy as a mother.
Annette would seek refuge in stories as her family moved constantly in the first 10 years of life. The
books in the library became her best friends and she immersed in tales of courageous heroes,
incredible adventures and seeking knowledge about the world.
It was no surprise when she chose to go into journalism, the perfect career for her inquisitive and
curious mind. After decades of writing from major print publications and online magazines on topics
from business and computers to seniors’ issues and forklifts, she moved into corporate comms. It
was here she honed her storytelling skills to encompass all types of content, weaving words that
moved people to tears, to give generously to worthy causes and to educate, empower and inspire.
Annette’s considered the go to for all things business storytelling, award submission writing and
assisting business leaders establish themselves as authorities in their field. She has shared her
insights into storytelling, media, and business across Australia. UK and US speaking for Professional
Speakers Association, Stevie Awards, chambers of commerce, Women’s Network Australia,
Queensland Government and many more.

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