Transformational Change

I am Australian born in 1969 in Sydney.

I grew up as number 7 in a family of 9 in an overcrowded, tiny fibro war services home. The dining room became a bedroom at night-time with the simple draw of a curtain. Space was tight and tempers frayed. I became very self-reliant and from pre-school age, I would care for my siblings and cook for the family. My first real dish was Beef stroganoff.  My parents were musicians and that love of music and literature flowed into our lives. I still find that important today as I did in formative years. Perhaps I’m still forming!

I’ve been working since I was 12. Even before then, I would take a wheelbarrow packed with tools around to the elderly folks in my neighbourhood who were lonely and offer to tend their gardens and keep them company. Now, with 20+ years of experience across Real Estate, Sales, Client Relations, Construction, Entertainment, Media and Publishing. I enjoy being an integral agent of change for my clients’ transformations, helping them realise their goals with a sense of satisfaction that success brings.

I’m of the heart felt belief that everyone needs a place to call home. I hope to see that day where our culture demonstrates its value of people by augmenting socially progressive affordable housing models. I’ve been working pro bono with a wonderful Cooperative Housing model called Ningana.

I’m full of energy and excited about my next role as I re-enter full time work after winding down my own business. I’ve discovered that embracing the spirit of Happenstance at this stage of my life is a good place to start.

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