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Kind Leader Program

Business will never go back to usual, but is that a bad thing? Our community, customers and clients have spoken and we have identified some key areas that many businesses and industries are struggling with right now, from lack of connection and a sense of belonging at work to challenges with consistency & mental health. The fight to attract and retain talent has intensified and all peppered with a healthy dose of investor pressure, ESG targets and increased changes in consumer habits. The future of business is a hard thing to get our heads around at the moment and leadership skills need to adapt to this ever-changing landscape and paradigm shift.

The Corporate Kindness Leadership program empowers your leaders through an academy style program leaving them inspired, resilient and knowledgeable about how to lead with kindness and social responsibility and the best thing about it is fees from this program pay it forward to help cover the costs of program scholarships for underrepresented leaders through our annual Game Changer Program.

Back to the leadership program: This 12 month in house corporate academy offers an introduction to the benefits of embedding kindness into your business and leadership by creating a safe place for your people to develop, build knowledge and work together to find solutions through confidential facilitated peer hubs.

This program provides your leadership team with a top-level understanding of the critical areas of Social Responsibility and how the role of the purpose-driven leader plays a vital part in future-proofing your business for generations to come.

The academy builds knowledge around a varied range of topics in line with your focus for the year, these areas are tailored to meet your needs and include:

  • How working with purpose adds value to your organisation
  • Wellbeing at work
  • Happiness in the workplace
  • Diversity,  Inclusion & belonging
  • Reconciliation
  • Brand purpose and customer engagement
  • Modern slavery
  • Community engagement
  • Introduction to sustainable development
  • Introduction to environmental impact
  • Purpose lead marketing & customer engagement
  • ESG leadership


Before signing up for this program, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you a business dedicated to unlocking your potential by building an empowered team as a source of COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE while standing out as INSPIRATIONAL?

Are you wondering what all the HYPE is about and WHY companies are moving to work kinder for their people, community, customers and environment?

Are you thinking of using your business as a way of working KINDER this year?

Have you ever wondered how working with PURPOSE adds VALUE to your company and improves staff retention and productivity?

Would you like to know more about how to MEASURE empathy and encourage behaviour change that will take your company from a ‘can we’ to a ‘SHOULD WE’ culture?