Scholarship Program

We provide a number of part and full scholarships to enable leaders to access our coaching and programs. This is possible due to paid members of our community who pay it forward, along with our sponsors and partners. We think diversity in leadership is not just good for business but know it will also make the world a more equal and kinder place.

At Bambuddha Group we have created a community for people looking for a different KIND of leadership development.


If you identify as one or more of the following you are eligible to apply for a part or full scholarship:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Women over 55


Minority Ethnic (including second generation)


Bush Fire Affected Business Owner

Emerging Leader (under 25 with a purpose-driven business or initiative)


*Scholarships are awarded in our discretion and are subject to funding and availability.

Rub shoulders with industry experts, leaders and innovators at our keynotes, networking, workshops and conferences.

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