Holistic Wellness Leadership Coaching Transformational Coaching

Gina specialises in radical body-mind connection and she’s known for taking clients beyond their expectations to results that surprise and empower. She has helped many people throughout her career as a holistic wellness practitioner to transform their lives in unique ways.

She’s worked with senior management and senior leadership in banks and technology companies such as HSBC, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Eftpos alongside small business owners and young people making a difference in the world.

As a mother of 3 daughters, she understands the stages of life that provide opportunities for deep enquiry. These ‘rites of passage’ can be extremely challenging and help us transform our lives in unknown ways. Maintaining the fun and adventure through a grounded and balanced perspective provides the foundation for a great life.

As the Urban Shaman and founder of The Regeneration Collaboration, she specialises in Transformational Life Coaching and Energy Medicine and is all about accessing heart intelligence (HQ) to recalibrate imbalances and optimise our energy to support self-healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

She believes through her own experience that our inner technology is vast and is literally waiting to be harnessed. Her naturally empowering, compassionate and kind approach to this work allows her to re-establish balance effectively and easily through action based learning and embodiment.

Her passion and mission is to provide healing and transformational coaching to embrace higher potential, optimise and enjoy this journey and navigate deeper balance sustainably.

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