Bambuddha Group

Bambuddha Group membership offers amazing value add to any leader committed to working hard and working kind. The membership allows one member to join a dedicated multi business impact working group with other like-minded leaders.

A group has up to 10 active members and are led by a growth chair.

Groups meet every 2 months to educate, inspire, evaluate and collaborate with the aim of working hard and working kind. Each day ends with a tailored key note event with a focus on areas of development.

These groups offer a Peer 2 Peer learning opportunity with a focus on developing an environment that takes your conscious leadership and business growth to the next level.

All hub members receive regular 1:1 coaching and have a conscious leadership development profile to ensure their journey is impactful both personally and professionally.

This membership tier also benefits from all the inclusions of the Game Changers Membership including annual event tickets and training discounts.