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Corporate Kindness Programs



The Kind Leader Program is a progressive academy style program to support businesses in the development of their management and Leadership by building knowledge and 1-1 and group coaching with a focus on the application of kind business strategies and the relation to improved customer engagement, staff retention and social license to operate. This program is perfect for organisations that are working to build sustainable, culturally healthy businesses for the future.

Bambuddha Group is a social enterprise. We take pride in giving back to the sector by paying forward 50% of corporate client profit into programs designed to reduce underrepresentation in business. Since 2020 we have provided $325K in program scholarships as a result of corporate programs. We believe in a future where every leader and business is committed to creating a sustainable world of equality for everyone.

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The Good for Business Program is a facilitated 5 step program that coaches leaders through the baseline metrics, planning and integration of kindness and ESG across all areas. This program is suited to businesses that are ready to take a deep dive to become an authentic brand that works hard at working kind.

We all know that sustainable and inclusive business is kinder, but how do we get started, and how can we truly make a difference? From recycling in the office to learning how to reduce slavery in your supply chain, companies and organisations are now more aware of the risks involved with not understanding your impact on your people, planet and community.

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Bambuddha Group is a social enterprise committed to reducing inequality and underrepresentation in Business.


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