The Valuable Role Coaching Plays In Social Impact (Uncovering Your Pot Of Gold)



It sounds like a cliché but truly understanding your why really is at the heart of every successful social innovator. Without understanding your values and belief systems, how can you bring out the passion that is so important to inspire others? Creating awareness and understanding of your own values are just two of the pivotal roles that coaching offers.

This is particularly pertinent for the social impact sector at the moment. The sector is one of many that is needing to innovate with creative, financially efficient and effective strategies. The traditional ways of doing business are falling away and we are dealing with the demands and focuses of the new changing world.

 Why Coaching?

Many people choose to have a coach for the accountability factor, enjoying having someone to report back on their progress. However there are many other aspects that coaching provides, that help you bring out your best self.

For example:

  • A coach will listen and reflect back your words so that you can hear and sense check yourself. This uncovers any blind spots that may be hindering you, cementing whether you are really aligned to your truth.
  • A coach will enquire, prompt, and collaborate with you to navigate every step of your journey. They provide empathy and solution-focused questioning to help you break down challenges, think differently and change unhelpful behaviours.
  • We can be our harshest critics at times, and this can stunt our motivation and progress. A coach will pause to celebrate the ‘joyful wins’ however small. This is often something we wouldn’t do on our own and yet it is so important for our motivation and self-belief.

Working in Social Impact involves instigating positive change, clearing the path for others to then follow. This demands an ability to navigate new and uncertain territory with determination and courage. A strengths-based coaching approach will not only move you forward, but it will do so in an enjoyable way that harnesses the attributes that best serve you at this time.  Much more can be achieved when we play to our strengths – we learn faster, feel more confident and energised. However, we don’t always realise what pot of gold lies within us until we are shown this by someone else.

 Meaningful Work

At Beaumont People, we have looked in detail at the concept of Meaningful Work. 80% of our recent research participants stated that they favour organisations that give back to the community.* The desire to be involved in social impact is there. But 2020 has certainly delivered new pressures and challenges, and focus has shifted slightly.

Therefore, now more than ever, those working in the social impact sector need to shine brighter and louder in order to be noticed. A deeper level of motivation, passion, and commitment is required and this means being totally and utterly aligned with your cause.

It is this unwavering passion and responsibility towards your cause that will help you succeed. By inspiring and igniting others to want to join the journey to collectively make a positive change for good.

Thank you to Rebecca Rynehart for contributing to this week’s blog. Rebecca heads up the Career Coaching and Transition Team at Beaumont People. For more information contact [email protected] or visit

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