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Corporate Social Responsibility Inclusion and Diversity

Stephanie is a dedicated Bambuddha member who truly wants to help make the world a kinder place. She is an experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist, currently  focused on identifying top talent to join Cisco, as well as working with the business across APJC on Diversity and Inclusion, and Corporate Social Responsibility strategies. Stephanie is a Certified business coach working with clients within Cisco and externally. She enjoys mentoring up-and-coming female talent, is mum to an awesome 4-year old,  and when not recruiting, networking and connecting people, she enjoys CrossFit to keep healthy and active.  Cisco was named #1 Best Workplace in Australia 2020 and one of the best places to work Globally. Stephanie says, “It’s because of the awesome culture and our give back days that I am able to participate in Coach2020”.

Her top 5 signature strengths are Kindness, Love, Humour, Social Intelligence and honesty.

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