Personal Development

Sandy Hui is a leadership and personal development coach. 

Benefited from coaching herself, which transformed her professionally and personally, Sandy is passionate in bringing this inspiring & transformative experience to many other leaders and organizations. 

Her coaching goals are:

  • support the healthy, sustainable leadership and personal development of leaders.
  • help clients to strive and grow in every stage of professional and personal development, navigating complexity, uncertainty and leading change, with positively.
  • contribute to the growth of leaders and organization in Asia and where leadership is needed.

Sandy supports her client in an integrative & holistic coaching approach, with focus on  “Leadership Being”.  She helps client to clarify/align purpose and value, develop learning agility and  resilience.

As a coach, she is purpose driven, observant, challenging and supportive

Before Coaching, Sandy was a Finance Executive with 25+ years Finance leadership and management experience of consumer products industries, in multi-cultural environment, partnering for business growth and transformation.

Sandy is from Hong Kong. She and her hubby enjoy sports, outdoor and travel. Her top strengths are: Integrity, Knowledgeable,  big picture/linking the dots, optimistic and collaborative.