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Charities Team Leadership

Samantha is a proud Sri Lankan born Australian mother of two grandmother of 3. A results-focused People Leader for over 20 years in various Industries. A customer service professional who thrives on challenges with a high degree of dedication, enthusiasm and attention to detail. Samantha has a proven record of success in a range of disciplines, including customer engagement, team leadership, project management, staff development, sales and marketing, and business development. She has highly developed communication, interpersonal and organisational skills and is an effective team player with the ability to work independently and under pressure.

Samantha has had success over the years in managing large Contact Centres by establishing honest sound confidence in her direct reports thus creating high performers from Leaders to frontline staff. Her passion is people and inclusion which she believes is a solid base for driving performance. Samantha dedicates her life to making the World a better place by being active in the community and volunteering for charities. She was a finalist for Logan Volunteer of the year in 2018 nominated by the Pyjama Foundation and  mentors new refugees to QLD, Accessibility working Group, RAP working Group for her organisation. Samantha aims to make a positive difference to everyone she meets and is a kind influencer for her children and grandchildren.

Samantha’s VIA Strengths are Honesty, Love, Hope, Gratitude, Brave and Leadership.