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Leadership Wellness

Ross is an Organisational, Strengths and Wellness coach based in Sydney. His coaching approach is informed by two previous careers; 20 years in technology PreSales / Executive Leadership and 10 years in Chinese Medicine clinical practice and teaching.

His leadership and technology roles included start ups and global enterprise environments. Ross has developed teams across Asia, EMEA and the Americas, delivering solutions for some of the world’s best known websites. His leadership approach is based on developing individual strengths and natural talents to maximise outcomes of the team as a whole.

Ross’ previous career of Chinese Medicine clinical practice was conducted in medical centres and private practice in New York City and Sydney. He uses this learning about the human condition, developed from more than 7,500 1:1 clinical sessions, to inform his holistic coaching and wellness approach.

Ross lives between Surry Hills in Sydney & Orange, NSW with his wife and 13yo son. Previously he has lived in New York City for 13 years. He is a keen swimmer, gardener and cook. He is an experienced scuba diver and has also skydived and rafted 200miles of the Grand Canyon. He continues his search for 42.

His VIA Strengths are Love of Learning, Humour, Judgement, Leadership, Honesty.