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Social Impact Social Impact Culture Strategy

Puck is a strategist, researcher and writer with a passion for the social side of sustainability and humanising business. She holds a Master’s in Business Economics and a PhD in Corporate Social Responsibility. Meet her in the video below!

She loves to work with leaders who are ready to become intentional about creating measurable positive impact. She combines a focus on care and kindness with a deep understanding of business and industry realities.

Puck’s consultancy Kin Strategy takes a holistic approach focused on all aspects of performance: financial, social and environmental. Puck’s services cover four main areas:

  1. Social impact strategy and measurement: She helps organisations be intentional about their social impact, report on it and leverage it for their brands
  2. Empathetic leadership: She mentors leaders in developing human-centred company cultures that are wellbeing-focused and high-performing
  3. Big Data and sustainability: She assists with leveraging progressive technologies and Big Data to create sustainability strategies
  4. Research: She provides qualitative research services around impact, wellbeing and sustainability

Also, Puck is

  • An executive mentor for C-suite executives
  • A research associate for research-consulting group Resilient Organisations (NZ)
  • A social impact specialist for Gemelli Consulting and Happy Cow (NZ)
  • A founding partner of Empact Co., a collective of impact-focused professionals
  • A lecturer in business sustainability and responsible leadership
  • A participant in government conversations about the NZ social enterprise sector development

You can read some of Puck’s recent articles on Medium:

She works location independent.