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Corporate Affairs Employee Programs

With a career spanning 30+ years, Michelle has a unique and broad range of experiences. Working across government, commercial and for the last 15 years with for purpose, social enterprise and start-ups, she has insights into each sectors differences and similarities.

Starting in information technology, branching into leading major enterprise-wide change programs, shifting sectors to lead fundraising, marketing and communications, Michelle’s experiences include many industries and causes, organisation sizes, teams and individuals.

Michelle’s philosophy is to build the confidence and capacity of those she works with; you could say that this is her passion and for the past 15 years she has focused her energies on giving back as a coach and consultant. A life-long learner, Michelle values relationships, focusing when it counts, having fun, not being stuck in old ways and thinking – being agile, empowerment of self and others, curiosity and an inquiring mind in the pursuit of greater impact.

Strengths: Leadership, Humour, Love of Learning, Perspective, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence