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Design High Performing Teams Strategy

Manisha is the CEO at Centre for Inclusive Design. With a background in strategy, design, marketing, communication, transforming cultures and creativity she is a thought leader in the power of thinking from the edge. Manisha has a unique talent for seeing beyond the horizon to emerging trends, defining them and building powerful communities to bring them into being. Never one to stand still, Manisha has worked across business, government and community. Across these sectors she has mentored leaders and aspiring leaders who want to bring about positive change, in leadership, work practice or in life.

Manisha’s has worked in small organizations as well as having managed teams of over 70. She creates high performing teams and ‘gets’ that management isn’t always easy. She loves working with people who are interested in a whole of life approach, who love a laugh or who are looking for support as they take on a new challenge.

Manisha has degrees in Business, Professional Writing and PhD on Communication and Social Enquiry.

Strengths; Creativity, Curiosity, Perspective, Kindness and A love of learning.