Louise (Lou) Dean is the Asia Pacific Japan China ( APJ-C) Social Impact Lead at Dell Technologies, based in Sydney,  leading APJ-C social impact initiatives, including the Sustainability Steering Committee, and the Social Impact Train-the Trainer Global Program. Prior to this, for over a decade she held sales and marketing roles in global technology companies,  including Apple, Intel, Salesforce, and Dell Technologies. 

Lou is dedicated to making change in the world, to create a better place where humans and animals peacefully coexist,  and future generations can thrive. As a climate activist, a Biodiversity Ambassador for Defenders of Wildlife, and Social  Impact Ambassador for Dell Technologies, she is a keen researcher on circular economy, wildlife trafficking and  sustainability topics, and regularly shares content on LinkedIn and on Twitter. She also coaches university STEM students and  mentors Gen Z. 

She is a member of the United Nations Impact 2030 Council Committee, working with non-profits, and universities, and volunteers for The Orangutan Project, working to protect the rich biodiverse rainforest of the Leuser Ecosystem, the last  place on earth where orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos coexist. 

Lou grew up in England where she earned a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Applied Chemistry. 

Lou’s VIA Strengths are Gratitude (Transcendence), Zest (Courage), Love (Humanity), Creativity (Wisdom) and Love of Learning (Wisdom).