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Leadership People Management

Allow me to introduce Linda Redfearn, a quick snapshot of her career will show, she has been a teacher, worked in startup and new businesses, had corporate roles in small and ASX 200 listed businesses which include, National Account, Sales, Customer Relations, Training manager and Global Head of HR and currently is a Training and HR consultant.

Throughout her career, the one thing she always comes back to is enjoying the ability to work with people. This combined with a passion to teach, train, coach, educate, facilitate learning, and see people develop is such a positive combination and why she has come with us on this journey.

Throughout Linda’s life she has found that listening, experiencing, and learning from people there are so many opportunities she can do to support and develop people skills. Especially those skills needed for a person to be a great leader of themselves and others by being present, consistent, empathetic, and supportive. Some people are natural leaders however many can learn to do this well. 

Linda is accredited as a Mental Health First Aider from Mental Health First Aid Australia

Linda is a member of the Chair the MAPi (Mentoring Advisory Panel Institute), the MAP Institute provides collaborative advisory panels for business leaders.

She holds a teaching degree from Chisholm Institute in Victoria and has benefited from many self-training programs through external institutes which includes a Management Diploma and Training and Coaching Facilitation programs.

“Life is not still or locked in. We move, breath and grow following a cycle of life. In times of great change, we can feel quite lost, quite excited about the future or a mixture of emotions. Sharing the tools and having the ability to support business and individuals to reach their potential this is the key to my business success. 

Follow your heart and remember to dream, the answers are within you so trust yourself.”

Her VIA Strengths are Honesty, Kindness, Love, Hope, Forgiveness.