Leesa’s purpose is to inspire people and organisations identify and reframe barriers that might hold us back and turn them into opportunities to thrive more consistently in their lives.

Leesa holds a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (Wellbeing Science) at the University of Melbourne, a Bachelor of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in Education. She is certified as an Accredited Coach and Creating Positive Change Coach.

With a background in community, corporate and education organisations, Leesa has extensive experience in coaching, facilitation, curriculum development, leadership, mentorship, training, strategic development, and innovative practices that drive positive change across Australasia.

Leesa is renowned for her optimistic, compassionate, and curious nature, and her ability to see human potential in everyone she meets. She is at her best when she enables others to discover their unique infinite resources of potential. Leesa encourages others to amplify their strengths for the benefit of self, others, and the world. 

In her spare time, Leesa is passionate about being in nature, riding her bike or exploring new hiking tracks, volunteering, creating and learning new things, and laughing as often as possible.

Her VIA Strengths are- Love of Learning, Gratitude, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Hope and Kindness.