Agility Coaching Transformational Change

Laila helps organisations and individuals cultivate agility. In business and in life. She offers agile coaching and product management consulting for organisations, as well as life and health coaching for individuals. Her work is anchored on principles of Agility as well as Vitality, for the mind and body.

Thirsting for knowledge, growth and adventures Laila left her home country Sweden a decade ago to explore the world. She found herself in Singapore, China, India and has since 2013 called Australia home.
Laila has in the last decade been working in Tech and the Digital Health sector across product management, management consulting and agile coaching roles. 

Laila experienced busy life in the big city of Sydney to countryside remote work in Margaret River, where she moved through contrasts of pushing too hard to learning to balance ‘doing’ with ‘being’.
From a young age and alongside a career in Tech, Laila’s passion for health and growth has always been a part of her. Wherever she went, Laila found herself creating movements to encourage wellbeing and vitality.

Laila is now bringing these different worlds together – the ability to move forward and do what matters while staying open, adaptable as well as centered. 

Her Top 5 VIA strengths are:

  1. Love of Learning
  2. Gratitude
  3. Fairness
  4. Hope
  5. Appreciation of Beauty & excellence