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Career Confidence Wellbeing

Jessica Symes Toomey is a coach that specialises in supporting her clients in their career, with their confidence and on their overall wellbeing to help them realise their full potential and live their best life. She holds a Masters of Applied Science, Psychology of Coaching from The University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Communications, Theatre and Media from Charles Sturt University Bathurst. Jessica is also an adult learning specialist, designing learning and development experiences in the workplace to enhance creativity and collaboration and empathy and connection for overall workplace fulfilment. Jessica is an adoring and grateful Mum to Joe, Sam and Matt and Wife to Miles. Jessica enjoys integrating her love of all things family with her passion for her work in supporting all to enjoy, experience and contribute to a very human collective experience both in work and life.

Her VIA Strengths are Creativity, Leadership, Fairness, Social Intelligence and Love.