Gender Equity & Inclusivity

Jenny has worked as a lawyer in Australia and overseas, a sustainability/ESG manager for an ASX top 20 company and served as a founding Board Director of a not-for-profit organisation with a purpose of achieving gender equity and inclusivity.  Jenny is a certified organisational coach (through IECL) and provides mentoring and coaching in a corporate environment.  She has a passion for supporting the development of strong leaders who understand the importance of a values-based approach to leadership.  Jenny is thankful to have been given opportunities to work with people who have shown that strong and kind leaders build the best teams and most successful businesses.

Jenny is committed to working with others to create a kinder corporate world through strong, values-driven leaders whose influence and reach has the potential to change the world we live and work in.

Jenny’s VIA Strengths are Spirituality, Kindness, Capacity to Love, Gratitude and Honesty.