Leadership Development Recruitment & Talent

With a background in Leadership Development, Diversity, Recruitment & Talent strategy, Georgia is deeply passionate about work around mindsets and behaviours, diversity in leadership and supporting leaders to find meaning in what they do and lead as the most authentic versions of themselves.

Georgia has spent the majority of her career within the corporate world bringing about change within organisations by embedding strategic diversity practices and designing and delivering programs that support women to build a deep level of self-insight and an awareness of their own purpose and capability in leadership. This has in turn, supported them to thrive and lead in a powerful, authentic way. Her work looks to instil self-accountability and awareness as a way to build effective relationships through openness, kindness and sustainable impact. 

With her early career in recruitment & talent strategy, Georgia has run programs and coached leaders through significant periods of change and career transition and supported them to uncover their ‘why’ as a guide to what they do and how they show up.

With her focus on the ‘inner game’ of leadership, Georgia is fascinated by what drives human behaviour and how this then manifests in the relationships people hold with themselves and others. She is all about supporting leaders to use their potential to make a positive impact in the world, reach their goals and have a really good time in the process of doing so! 

Her VIA Strengths are Kindness, Perspective, Gratitude, Honesty and Social Intelligence