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Kindness Literacy Programs

This program is best suited for leaders and organisations wanting to improve their knowledge, accountability, and action across various areas of Social Responsibility. Excellent for all levels of management looking to understand the importance of and develop the skills to build and embed excellence in sustainability and social responsibility.

This suite of tailored programs ensures that the outcomes are accountable and owned within your organisation. It’s no secret that every year ESG & well-being is becoming more and more important to all stakeholders. It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s an expectation. For those leading the charge, knowing where to start and how to create the desired results can seem overwhelming. So here we are, we are not a traditional consulting firm, we are here to be with you on the journey. You choose your program track and we will keep you on it!

Our program is a simple formula that works very well; you see we know sustainable outcomes start and end with the people in and around your organisation.

Kindness Literacy Program (what is included)

Choose up to 8 people per group for an intensive 6-month program, you will support each other to stay on track and be guided by a 1-1 coach and group facilitator. This program also gives you access to subject matter expert modules in your own tailored development curriculum, meaning you can get the learning you need when you need it and cut straight through all the noise. Multiple groups and tracks also have brilliant results for strategy and operational plan rollout and accountability.

What Tracks are Available?

  • People & Wellbeing
  • Customer & Brand
  • Environment
  • ESG Leadership & Governance ( top-level across the whole curriculum)
  • Customer & Brand
  • Community & Stakeholder

See some example tracks and topics below:


Example program outcomes:

ESG Leadership Track: Blooms The Chemist have created a commitment to reducing health inequity and have several strategic objectives to deliver. Our ESG leadership program has built the knowledge and capacity across a varied range of leaders within the business, they now have a plan everyone is in agreement with and delivers against the financial, social, and environmental objectives.

Environmental Track: Bringing together a multi-departmental team to educate, collaborate and evaluate environmental metrics is no easy task. Our program design in partnership with our education and consulting partners create a safe and inspiring space to learn and find solutions for a more sustainable future for all.

Community & People Track: Wayside Chapel has created a commitment to scaling up their operations. A tailored leadership program was built to develop capacity across a varied range of areas including wellbeing, DEI, change management, and crucial conversations. As a result of the program leadership confidence has improved, culture alignment is established, and capacity for organizational growth.

People Track: A client has created a solid commitment to accelerating women within the organisation, this program ensures those women have a safe space to support each other, learn and grow while overcoming barriers to inclusion through facilitated peer support and coaching.

Customer & Brand Track: A client was unsure of how to roll out their purpose-driven brand strategy internally and externally with buy-in and engagement from all departments. This program educated all participants on the top-level components empowering everyone on the journey to align their own story, value, and vision with brilliant outcomes and consistency across the organisation.

From Commitment to Action: A great example of a multi-group use for this program is any organisation that has committed to building committees for action and impact but needs to build capacity and knowledge within those teams. This program takes any talk shop into solid outcomes.