Environmental, Social & Governance

Our ESG stewardship programs are built to support you wherever you are on the journey. This suite of tailored solutions ensures the outcomes are measurable, accountable, and owned within your organization. It’s no secret that every year ESG is becoming more and more important to all stakeholders. It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s an expectation.

For those leading the charge, knowing where to start and how to create the desired results can seem overwhelming. So here we are, we are not a traditional consulting firm, we are here to coach and steward you through the journey. You choose your program track and areas of priority and we will keep you on it!

We know sustainable outcomes start and end with people. What makes us different is that we are the first organization in the world to have built an award-winning ESG-Kindness Curriculum which brings your Environmental, Social, and Governance commitments into measurable and accountable human-centric outcomes. 


Good for Business – ESG Stewardship Program (what is included)

The Good for Business Program is a facilitated 5-step ESG stewardship program that coaches senior leaders through the baseline metrics, planning, and integration of kindness and ESG across all areas. This program is suited to businesses that are ready to take a deep dive to become an authentic brand that works hard at working kind.

It is likely you are already doing great things. Now is the time to get clear on your impact. From recycling in the office to learning how to reduce slavery in your supply chain, companies and organizations are now more aware of the risks involved with your positive and negative impact on your people, planet, and community.

Step 1: Assess and benchmark your company using international standards

Step 2: Results and recommendations; what changes can we make now and into the future

Step 3: Agree on a success plan and get buy-in for delivery

Step 4: Internal and external rollout, implementation

Step 5: Success review and impact reporting



ESG Literacy Programs (what is included)

A bespoke facilitated program designed with you to achieve your social and environmental impact objectives. This program helps you implement your ESG objectives by coaching, educating, and empowering your people. You choose your areas of focus and we design a facilitated program with access to coaches and subject matter expert modules in your own tailored development curriculum. Our experience means you can get the learning you need when you need it and cut straight through all the noise. Multiple groups and tracks are a brilliant solution for strategy and operational plan rollout and accountability.

What Tracks Are Available?

  • People & Wellbeing
  • Customer & Brand
  • Environment
  • ESG Leadership & Governance ( top-level across the whole curriculum)
  • Customer & Brand
  • Community & Stakeholder